Chase Your Dreams by Choosing the Right Bartending Course

Hundreds of Bartending School and thousands of bartending courses could be confusing sometimes and that is why one needs to be very careful while choosing the bartending course and school. Having a good website is not everything and that is why you need to search for the right Bartending School wisely by not getting trapped into the nice website that some not so good Bartending Schools offer.

01032013-broganfrombrunny590-02You will find cocktail master classes, short term courses and the long term courses in most Bartending school. Here is the time little introspection so that you can find out what you want after completing the course and where do you want to see yourself in the bartending industry. If you really want to nurture your passion of mixing drinks and make it big then you need to find out the suitable London Bartending Courses that will cater what you are looking for. You will learn about drinks mixing techniques, various subtleties and other things during these courses. If you want to learn more you can also opt for the cocktail master classes on the weekend so that you can learn from the experts in the industry.

The reputed London bartending schools have exclusive courses and programs designed o produced the best bartenders for the medium to high end pubs and nightclubs. They provide the bartenders

  • Industry standard courses to learn things properly
  • Exclusive programs and curriculum
  • Practical trainings and on job opportunities
  • Theoretical and in depth knowledge about everything
  • Master classes with the masters of the industry
  • And the chance to learn and grow.

It is very crucial to identify the scams and avoid it. Sometimes the offers are too good to be true and in such cases you must do the background checking before enrolling for the bartending course there. You can look for the ex students of the bartending school online as they can give you the insight about the courses. In various online discussion forums you can find out information about various Bartending schools and courses in London and these suggestion could be extremely helpful for you.

TGIF-861The reputed London Bartending Schools are trying to

  • Raise the standard of the industry so that the beginners can learn from the experts.
  • Provide professional environment to the new comers so that they can get accustomed with it and later can work smoothly in the nightclubs, hotels and pubs.
  • Provide the best materials and help so that the students can learn and master the tricks and can become successful bartenders.

In case of the scams they will promise a lot of things but will deliver none. It would be beneficial for you if you enroll for the weekend master classes as that would give you the chance to learn more than just what you are learning in your bartending course. Everyone loves a bartender who can stun everybody with his spellbinding speed and technique and you can learn all that and many new tricks at the cocktail master classes.

It is about your future, career and dreams and that is why you need to let your passion learn and drive you towards success. The first step is waiting for you and that is to find out the Bartending Course and enroll your name for that.


Few Steps Towards Becoming A Successful Bartender

A martini is always stirred and never shaken. Yes, James Bond was wrong. A  good bartender would know it right.


 A classic drink can be perfected and perverted, but to play with the spirits you need to have your foundations right. Here are 10 tips that bring out the best in you:

  1. Know what you serve. Curious customers and passionate drinkers would always want to know more about their drinks. And must have answers to all their questions. Our London bartending school will get you such customers to check how you have mastered the art of handling the questions.
  2. Develop the art of recommending. If your recommendation satisfies the customer and you make them happy, you earn that extra tip.
  3. Never go wrong with classic cocktails. Remember, spirit lovers will not forgive you for this. Your bar loses customer. We have our special cocktail course for you.
  4. The way you engage customers in small talks makes them feel comfortable. You get rated well. People frequenting the bars will look for you. You have then already made a mark.
  5. Keep the bar clean. Nobody wants a messy bar top. Arrange the glasses neatly. Keep the napkins handy. Replace coasters. A bartending course with us will never let you forget the minor important bar manners.
  6. Never ignore regular customers. Remember their favorite drinks. Greet them, ask if they want to go for their usual drinks. They feel special. They keep coming back.
  7. Be quick. Don’t make your customers wait too long in between drinks.
  8. Never challenge drunken customers on their knowledge about drinks. A customer is always right. You get money from them.
  9. Show interest. Always present yourself like you really love to serve them. You love the spirits and you are confident with your work.
  10. And most importantly, get trained in our bartending school in London. We give you a ticket to a remarkable career.

There are various nitty-gritty apart from above mentioned points which you can learn in the bartender school with Spiritlab. We got courses designed for all your needs.


If you think you need to start from scratch we have the 3 weeks ‘Foundation course’ in our European bartender school to get you started. You learn while you practically do it. We have a bar set for you and there are customers you attend to make it all real in the Bartending School, London.

If you know much about the spirits and you want that extra learning for a job in your dream restaurant we have our ‘Professional Course’ to hone your skills. This one is designed to make you an expert and boast your chances of a phenomenal career. You can’t miss this course if you want to rule the best bars. Give our bartender course a chance. Visit us today for Quality Bartending Courses London